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MMA Training

Modern Pankration / MMA Training

Discover the ancient power of Greek Olympic pankration modernized for the mixed martial arts world. AKA MMA & Fitness offers affordable classes taught by experts in the field.

Become Part of an Ancient Sporting Tradition

The Greeks first introduced pankration into the Olympic Games back in 648 BC when the sport was a blend of boxing and wrestling, but with few rules. The only things not acceptable were biting and eye gouging!

Modern pankration similarly mixes boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, and submission into one mixed martial art.
MMA Training

Experienced Teachers Ready to Help You

You'll discover that pankration is similar to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, but is practiced without a uniform.

Let our experienced teachers show you the ins and outs of the sport. Contact us to learn more about other mixed martial arts training.
MMA Training
MMA Training
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